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Sleeping Beauty and the Beast by Melissa Lemon




Trapped in a cursed sleep, the only experiences Princess Eglantine has are the ones in her dreams. There she meets Prince Henry of Fallund, a neighboring kingdom on the brink of war. 

Meanwhile, Prince Henry's brother Duncan discovers a vicious beast imprisoned for murder. Captivated by her, he works to free her from both the prison bars she's locked behind and the ones surrounding her heart and mind. Sleeping Beauty and the Beast reinvents and seamlessly intertwines the classic fairy tales Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast.


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I love fairy tales with a makeover and this combined two of my all time favorites. The first half of the book was great! From the very first page, this story was full of action and suspense that kept me guessing for a while. Since this was a dual fairy tale, there had to be two princes, right? I loved that the two princes were twins with totally opposite personalities. I also loved that the beast was a barbaric female and not the typical deformed man that we've come to expect. The second half of the story, however, fell a little short for me. I thought the ending was rushed and anticlimactic. The way the prince ended up at Sleeping Beauty's castle was totally unbelievable--even for a fairy tale. I also wanted to see more of the happily-ever-after with the beast's story line and a more meaningful reunion with the two brothers. Overall, I did like the story and thought it was creative and engaging.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.